» Two injured GAA Players – A 10 week Fitness and Fat loss journey

09 Jul

Two injured GAA Players – A 10 week Fitness and Fat loss journey

Posted by David Hare in Features,Train to Win | Jul 2014

LiveGaelic founder and erstwhile club player Donal O’Connor, along with former Cavan Intercounty player Sean Brady, have embarked on a ten week strength and conditioning challenge under the watchful eye of Functional Training Ireland’s David Hare.

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Donal and Sean, The introduction

We see this all the time, someone gets a bad injury, maybe doesn’t see the best physio around, goes back playing and get injured again. The net result of all this is usually retirement, laziness and fatness.

You cant go from training 5 days a week to zero and not expect weight gain, lack of fitness and overall lethargy. It was safe to say Donal and Sean were heading this way.

Donal and Sean were interesting cases, both had played high level sport (in Sean’s case intercounty football for Cavan) so straight away I assumed they have decent genetics and they wouldn’t be what I call “motor morons” (I know you should never assume but I have been doing this a long time).

They both also were maybe carrying a small amount of timber compared to when they were kicking scores in county finals. Getting out of shape is an insidious process, day by day you get that little bit out of shape, you can gain a stone of fat each decade you’re alive, not good.

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Sean approached me about getting back in shape, I agreed to help him. I have always prided FTI’s ability to fix injuries and indeed work around them if needs be.

I think there is possibly thousands of rugby, soccer and GAA lads like them, lads and lasses that got crocked and because they lacked professional guidance spiral into out of shapedom.

I wanted to show them that they can get back to full fitness with the right assistance and hence show you too the reader that it can be done.

So over the coming weeks Joey Boland our expert chartered physio, Alan Kenny our expert Nutritionist and myself will be giving you blow by blow accounts of what we are doing with the boys. You will see cutting edge rehab/training techniques mixed in with dietary advice, before and after pics and the much more.

We hope you enjoy it as you will get inspired to train and learn a tonne of great info.

Let us begin the journey.

Step 1: Pre Screening Form:

(You can check our real one here
Lets have a look at an example of the boys pre screening form. Interestingly both men had more or less the same issues.

List any current injuries

Ankle – Sept 2013 – Present
Hamstring – Ongoing hamstring issues 2006 – 2009
Broke left arm – 2007

Why in your opinion did you find these previous treatments didn’t work?

Ankle may need an operation.

I put hamstring issues down to driving long distances to training. Once this stopped hamstring issues stopped. Had some other issues with hip flexors round this time also but also put it down to driving.


So we know we have to work around injuries, fix the diet from a stressed office worker to a healthy person and physiotherapy them to death, not an easy task but one that will be enjoyable.

What do you think might have happened if the lads just jumped into a “normal” bootcamp class or kettlebells down in the local big box gym?

In our next article we will go through the assessments we used and the cardio homework we are giving the boys to shed some serious fat.


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