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16 Sep

Sean Cavanagh Reveals the Diet of an Intercounty Star

Posted by Keith Nulty in Train to Win | Sep 2015

Speaking to this week, former Footballer of the Year and Tyrone legend Sean Cavanagh revealed the nutritional plan that has kept him at the very top of the game for over a decade.

It has often been said that the elite level GAA player is professional in all but name (and bank balance!) and it’s no different in the kitchen where the diet, particularly during the season, appears to be pretty spotless.

The odd slip up creeps in during the off season, but I don’t think anyone will be begrudging a servant of the calibre of Cavanagh the odd Chinese takeaway over the winter!


Breakfast – Well normally I have eggs for breakfast to get protein into me quite early, usually poached or scrambled eggs.

Mid-morning snack – A natural or organic yoghurt

Lunch – I normally go to a supermarket and get a peppered chicken fillet and some veg and rice. It’s the time to get meat and as much veg as you can handle really ahead of the session that night.

Pre-training meal – Leftovers from last night’s dinners often come in handy around 4pm or 4-30 if your training at 7pm that night.

Training – Before we train we normally have some fruit juices to get some antioxidants into your body to get your ready for training and that will help recovery before you even begin.

Post training – Stir fry and rice, or potatoes or broccoli and quite a lot of veg again.


Breakfast – I’m creature of habit so I have eggs all year round.

Lunch – I do relax a little bit when I’m not in with Tyrone so I’ve no problem grabbing a sandwich but I’d try and stick to what I know best and still eat fairly healthily during the day.

Dinner – I am partial to the odd takeaway so maybe on a Sunday night after a club game I can get look forward to a pizza or a Thai or Chinese. You don’t do it all the time but it is good to eat some of the food that normal people indulge in most of the year too.

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