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13 May

6 GAA Training Issues You’re Wasting Your Time On

Posted by David Hare in Train to Win | May 2014

By David Hare, Owner of Functional Training Ireland and board member at the ISCI.

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With the standards of training at club level right now in the GAA at its most demanding ever I wanted to write this for the smaller club, you can STILL match the bigger clubs in terms of preparation but you really have to box clever. Let me free up your diary a little bit and still get you tremendous real world results.

1. Don’t worry about periodisation too much;

What I mean here is, your schedules are so long and so all over the place any super scientific periodisation program written by a S&C coach is probably futile.

I would recommend that if you never miss training (and let’s face it something always gets in the way) make your fourth week of training a little easier and you should be fine. If you are eating well, sleeping well and hydrating well you should be fine.

Keeping the players out of the pub would be nice too.

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