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01 Jul

Fitness Training Diary Day 2 – Fat Chance!

Posted by Keith Nulty in Train to Win | Jul 2014
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Today was our third visit with Functional Training Ireland and as always we had an hour with Joey Boland. Joey brought us on a bit further than our basic body weight exercises, having been a bit happier with our technique and the fact we are eradicating some previous mistakes.

Read how the lads got on on their first day with FTI here.

In what was our toughest workout to date with Joey, it was good to see the improvement in flexibility and technique and to know we are on the right track.

Although only an hour long session, and mainly using our own body weight instead of weights, we weren’t long working the heart rate up high and burning off the calories.

It’s amazing how refreshing it is to know that you’re doing an exercise with the completely correct technique and being able to ask and understand why you’ve got slight pinch or pain in any part of your body and adjusting specifically to help with this issue.

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In my case, I had a pain in the lower right hand side of my back due to a left ankle injury and over compensation on that side as a result. A lot of my rehab involves reconditioning myself and strengthening the areas of my body that are weak from this lengthy lay-off.

Adding in the eight new disciplines that Joey taught us today, along with our previous exercises, really keeps everything fresh and moving in the right direction.

Next we had our first meeting with Alan Kenny. Alan completes the trio in Functional Training perfectly with David S&C being the strength and conditioning, Joey being a physio and Alan nutritionist.

We spent just over an hour with Alan during which he explained the fundamentals to a balanced diet for an active person or athlete and also mentioned how it should vary from myself and Sean, who, with Sean being a currently active GAA player.

The one main concept which was being delivered was that you earn your carbs. For me with fat loss being slightly more important than Sean, my carb intake is limited to after a workout. And then we discussed which carbs could be allowed.

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The sole train of thought works around a protein heavy diet in the correct carbs are used to refuel your body after a workout/activity.

We’re targeting to have as many as six meals a day including snacks, this could break into eggs for breakfast, protein shake at 11, a carb-less lunch, some fruit as a snack and then the most important is to follow the workout with protein within the first hour and then a carb and protein meal within three hours.


Alan even said that ignoring these two steps after your workout is the same as not bringing a pair of boots to a game.

Alan will be able to explain in a lot more detail what the science behind the plan is but for now here’s a few things which I’m taking from our meeting and looking forward to applying them going forward.

-You can’t have too many eggs – recommended 4 for breakfast – yolk and white
-Fats aren’t bad for you once you take on the correct ones
-Keep an eye on portion size
-When I’ve earned my carbs eating the correct ones isn’t a negative, in fact it’s encouraged and important – correct ones being brown pasta, sweet potato, wholegrain rice

We did get before and after photos take and body fat percentage measured (I’m 22% while Sean is 16%), so now that we’ve got it our gym programme can flow in full gear and we know what to be putting into our body, it will be interesting to see the results over the coming days and weeks.

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