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15 May

7 Coaching Keys to Getting Player Buy-In

Posted by David Hare in Train to Win | May 2015

Dave Hare is the Owner of Functional Training Ireland and a board member at the ISCI. He also works closely with numerous GAA clubs and was the S&C coach for the Longford Senior GAA team under Glen Ryan, a spell in which won the Division 4 and Division 3 league trophies in successive seasons.

Coach Hare is now S&C coach for the Offaly footballers, who recently captured the Division 4 league title.

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How to get Players on Board your Bus

What do I mean by the above title? I’m basically asking, “how can you get all 30+ players in a squad to buy into your thought processes and systems?”

Trust me: it isn’t easy. You will have two or three ‘mini-coaches’ on any squad that will possibly hate you when you arrive. You will have two to four senior players who think what you are doing with them is a waste of time. And you may even have a player who knows he needs an S&C coach but doesn’t really want to listen. All this is highly common, but overcoming it requires a skillset.

Let me show you some of the things that have worked for me:

1. Read “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, by Dale Carnegie

Start here, and don’t go any further until you do.

Simple things like getting to know a player’s or selector’s name— really getting to know a bit about them, such as who they have played for — can go a long way.

Sure you know all about sets, reps, periodisation, and weights. But does anyone really care?

Nobody cares until they know how much you care; always remember that.

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