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27 Jul

The Joe Show: The Myth of the 6 Day Turnaround

Posted by Joe Sheridan in The Joe Show | Jul 2012

It’s a shame not to be writing my first column here at off the back of a win in the Leinster final, but the great thing about summer football is that there’s always the next game to look forward to.

You’re always going to be a bit disappointed after losing a big game, but at least from our point of view we can look back and know that we didn’t play our best and take positives from the fact that we know we can improve for the next day out.

Against Dublin, we weren’t happy with our first half display. We felt we could have competed better for breaking ball around the middle after our good performances there against Carlow and Kildare, but on the day we probably carried the ball into the tackle a bit too much and coughed up too many cheap turnovers.

That being said, we were still happy enough coming up to the break only two points behind and not having played anywhere near our best, but a lack of composure right at the end of the half cost us. Just coming into injury time we missed a decent chance to narrow the gap to a point, and from the restart Dublin went straight up the pitch and scored the first goal. Two minutes later they had a second and instead of going in down only a point we had a mountain to climb.

We knew we had to change things up at the break. With Jamie Queeney and Peadar Byrne coming into the forward line I moved out around the middle. I tried to get on the ball as much as possible and disrupt Dublin a bit, and in fairness when we through caution to the wind we had a fair bit of success. You have to credit the lads who came off the bench in the second half because they all made serious impressions, and maybe if there had been another five minutes on the clock things could have gotten interesting.

In fairness to Dublin though Pat Gilroy has them well drilled. They’re a cute enough outfit and they know how to close out a game, and in the cold light of day you’d have to say we probably didn’t deserve to get anything out of it, but again we know how good we are and that if we can get our own house in order we can give anyone a game.

Looking ahead to the next day, a lot has been made of the six day turnaround. The stat you hear thrown around is that only one team since the Qualifiers came in have won in the circumstances, it’s a ready-made excuse for teams to throw in the towel if ever there was one! From our point of view it’s not exactly something new to us. We had a quick turnaround after the draw with Carlow and were able to put in a good performance in the replay, so we’re not looking at it as a big obstacle.

The main thing is obviously to get the heads right, get focussed and not to waste any time feeling sorry for ourselves. For myself, I woke up at 7 o’clock on Monday morning just feeling excited for the week to get going, get prepared to play on Saturday and put right some of the mistakes we made against Dublin. If there’s one thing I know about the rest of the Meath dressing room it’s that there are a lot of big personalities in there, a lot of mentally strong individuals and we’re all relishing the chance to wipe out this myth of the six day turnaround.

We’re under no illusions that we’ve got a tough task ahead of us. I know it’s a cliche but it has to be said, winning is a habit and Laois are definitely going into Saturday with a lot of momentum after good wins against Carlow, Monaghan and Leitrim. In fairness, the game against Leitrim was one they would have been expected to win but they really had it put up to them and to be able to dig out a win like that away from home will give them a lot of confidence.

Having gone through the back door a few times ourselves in the last few years we know all about the effect of getting a few wins under your belt, getting a good feeling into the squad and into the county in general and the bit of pep in their step is something we’re going to have to be ready for on Saturday. For us it’s all about getting our bodies recovered, doing some light training during the week and spending a bit of time looking at the Laois set up.

The main thing is that a win this weekend would get us back to where we wanted to be anyway, and the focus all week has been be about getting ourselves in the best possible physical and mental condition to put in a serious performance (by swanseen). Six day turnaround or not, mark my words every man in green and gold on the pitch will be ready, willing and able to do whatever it takes to keep Meath football in the Championship.

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  • Aaron Conlan Reply
    July 27, 2012 at 9:29 am

    A very good first article Joe, best of luck with the writing in the future. I like what I am reading and I am very positive about Meath’s prospect for Saturday and the coming years. Passion back in the Meath is the only thing us Meath supporters want. Good luck Saturday MON THE ROYALS!!!

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