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09 Jun

GAA explained in this A-Z list

Posted by Keith Nulty in Features | Jun 2017

Now that Gaelic Football is on Sky Sports, many people will be searching for the rules, we have an A-Z guide of everything you need to know about GAA

Amateur: It’s still an amateur sport right? We were just making sure. With all the money spent on training at the best centres, warm-weather camps it is often easy to forget it’s amateur. Until there is a bust up on the pitch and managers refuse to blame players for incidents. They’re amateur after all.

B Championship: The ridiculous thought of a B Championship will raise it’s head once more. The chance to get rid of teams which cause upsets we’re told will “make things more competitive”. It will also see gaelic football go the way of Hurling and see the weaker teams become even weaker.

Ccards: And it continues. The inconsistent refereeing of black cards will continue. Some will pick and choose. Others will avoid making a controversial decision.

Draws: Who doesn’t like a good old draw. Certainly not the powers that be in the GAA. Well not so much with the lesser teams in the provincial Championship. A much more lucrative payday would be in August or September or any Dublin game.

Extra-time: There will always be talk about how much extra time is to be added by a referee and the good old claim that the GAA want a replay. Each manager has his own Casio stop-watch. And sure the referee can’t tell the time.

Funding: Those team holidays, helicopters to training, training camps in the sun et all don’t pay for themselves you know. They’re amateur, apart from boot deals, advertising products, training at start-of-the-art facilities and sure look at what the Dubs have.

GPA: Another summer of promoting products like Avonmore Protein Milk and initiatives like ProtectIntegrity awaits for the GPA. Oddly enough when there is an incident they are extremely quiet. Silence is golden after all.

Hearing Committees: Late night hearings, suspensions being rescinded and players being able to act on the pitch in ways that would see them before a court if it was off it. Diarmuid Connolly has been allowed to play in finals twice having been red carded in semis. But sure they’re amateur and real men. Apparently media scrutiny doesn’t apply.

Invasion: The American Invasion of 1888 prevented the All-Ireland football Championship being played that year. There was no Connacht Championhip because no team from Connacht entered while the scores in the other Championship were so low, it’s little wonder the All-Ireland semi-final and final were never played. (examples Monaghan 0-3, Cavan 0-0 in the Ulster Final).

Jimmy’s winning matches: To be fair, he hasn’t won matches for some time. But don’t worry, some team will take the song and make it work with their manager’s name after victory. What ever happened to singing Champ-eone, Champ-eone… It also stands for Jimmy Murray who captained Roscommon in five consecutive All-Ireland finals, including a replay.

Kerry: So gracious in victory, and when they are not so, we can forgive their dirty tactics because they can play great attacking football.

Louth: The Leinster title in 2010 may not have gone their way but in 1910 they won the All-Ireland as Kerry refused to travel to the game because of a dispute with the Great Southern & Western Railway Company over the cost of traveling for their fans.

Meath men: David Coldrick may be Meath’s best chance of winning an All-Ireland medal but back in 1953 Peter McDermott refereed the 1953 All-Ireland final and captained Meath to victory the following year.

New York: The argument will raise it’s head once more after another defeat this year. Should they be involved at all? What they need is Denis O’Brien to take an interest, sign Jack O’Connor on a two-year deal and get a dedicated group of players.

Objection: Remember that Leinster Final that Louth should have won but for the Meath player carrying the ball over the line. Well back in 1900 Kilkenny beat Tipperary to get to the final, but a Tipp objection (on the grounds that five players were from Tipp) saw them play the final, with the addition of the five players who had played for Kilkenny. Would love to see the CCC or whoever make that decision again.

Players at Throw-in: While now there can only be two players from each team in the centre of the field, there was no limit to the number of players previously. It looked like a melee had broken out prior to throw-in at most games. There also used to be 21 players per team. We’d like to see Northern teams play with 21 players behind the ball.

Quigley, Sean: Incredible that the Fermanagh man has yet to pick up an All-Star considering he was top scorer in last year’s Championship. Why should a player not be rewarded when the rest of his teammates are not up to the same standard. If a team wins the All-Ireland, it doesn’t work against their players that they had a cast of superstars around them.

Replays: Jim Gavin needs them to see them before making any comment on any incident. Diarmuid Connolly last year. James McCarthy in the league this year. Expect him to use the “I didn’t see the incident and it would be unfair to comment” phrase at least once.

Spies: Beware of whatever is moving in the trees, the sun glittering from a camera lens or the “fan” that is peering over the gate to have a peak at training. They’re everywhere. Normally related to someone from Ulster and Kerry. Kerry are always involved.

Team sheets: Why must the GAA and teams continue with the farce that is naming teams days beforehand when there are two hopes of them lining out as named; bob hope and no hope. It just makes for a messy time in the match programme, crossing out names and arrows pointing to the actual starters.

Uproar: Well, those little fights before, during and after games are to be expected. The digs thrown, spectators on the pitch abusing referees after games… sure it’s part of the (amateur) sport.

Vaseline: Goalkeeper Shane Curran put Vaseline on his gloves before shaking Galway keeper Alan Keane’s hands before the game. He then changed his gloves. Unfortunately so did Keane. Curran also took a pint of his own blood in a blood bag to the game and in a speech said Roscommon would have to spill some blood as he threw it to the ground. Dramatic, though the bag didn’t burst.

Waffle: Not the edible kind as former GAA managers and players come out of the woodwork to be pundits and waffle on about absolutely nothing. There is a reason why they were players/managers and not in the media in the first place. (Some are good).

X-rated: Páidí Ó Sé’s rant back in 2003 is the closest we have come to an x-rated rant: “Being a Kerry manager is probably the hardest job in the world because Kerry people, I’d say, are the roughest type of f***ing animals you could ever deal with. And you can print that, too.”

York, New: The early, ah they shouldn’t be in the Championship is now gone, but don’t worry, there will be a few more before this year’s Championship is out. You out they came close… However, the first team to play in the Championship from abroad was London in 1902.

Zzzzzzzzz: We do love 2,000 word analysis pieces. We really do. But we’ve never gotten past 400, so we don’t actually know whether it makes sense after 400. We’ll give the benefit of the doubt, but we’re still not reading past 400. (Ed – We thought it was nicer than saying Ulster football or watching Dublin in the Leinster Championship).

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