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Kev KehoeKevin Kehoe is a man who lives week to week. On Mondays he falls apart. Tuesdays, Wednesdays break his heart. Thursdays don’t even start – but on Friday, he’s in love. On Saturdays, he waits on the couch, pushing the envelope for the number of screen a single human can concentrate on without flipping out. Sundays are remarkably similar, although he occasionally goes for a walk.

Kevin has tasted sweet victory supporting Manchester Utd and bitter defeat following Waterford. In 2013, he is due to wed a Kilkenny girl and while he wishes no ill-will to Brian Cody’s team, he sooner be seen wearing a jumper made of rotting dead crows and pig manure than sport a black & amber jersey. The pre-nup states that any children from this mixed marriage will be brought up in the one true faith. Hallowed be Tony Browne’s Name. Amen.

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